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Mini portable hand-held coffee maker, an indispensable thing on a hike, picnic, on the road, fishing or hunting. Material: food plastic. Amount of ground coffee: 7 g. Water capacity: 70 ml. Make a pretty good espresso in a relatively short time if you only have ground coffee and hot water. Portable design, easy and quick to use, manual coffee machine, you can make an amazing espresso anywhere.

Instructions: Put a spoonful of ground coffee in a container, close the lid. Pour 90 degrees. Boiling water in the lower part of the container. According to personal preferences, press 13 times (medium purity coffee) Press 18 times (Italian Espresso) Press 28 times (double Italian Espresso).

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Gross weight 0.3 kg
Package size 19.6 × 5.8 × 5.5 cm


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