Return and exchange

According to the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated March 19, 1994 No. 172, food products with normal shelf life and good quality cannot be exchanged or returned.

Food products of inadequate quality (defective, spoiled) are subject to exchange and return if the seller does not comply with the terms of sale of the goods – if the product was initially defective, and not during transportation or storage in the warehouses of the Carriers.
But, these are official norms and of course we can fulfill them). As reality shows, we always show humanity and always make concessions to customers when they ask us to change something or return money.

That is why we give our consumers a month after purchasing our products to exchange and refund the purchased TM “Kharchi” products, if the consumer needs it. The uniform conditions are: product appearance, packaging integrity, not replacing packages with outdated ones, with production dates on packages sold earlier, payment of Nova Poshta services for forwarding.

It is very easy to make a return, you can send it by Nova Poshta, paying for forwarding, to the address: Kyiv, branch #300. To: Harchi – Hot food where you are, phone: +390509009771. Please put a letter in the package with the order number for which you are making a return, and also write what exactly you would like to exchange and for what, where you should send it all later (name, city, number from Novaya mail, telephone). If you just want to return, then the number of your bank card.

We value our customers!

Your “Harchi”