Foam napkin for body

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Product description

Foamy sponge ESTEM
ESTEM disposable foam sponges are an innovative product on the Ukrainian market, created to support the overall purity of the body. The use of foam sponges greatly facilitates hygiene in conditions of water shortage, time and normal conditions.
ESTEM foam sponges can be used anywhere: at home and while traveling, in the field, during rehabilitation.

The main material for the manufacture of disposable foam sponges is natural fiber fabric. It is soft and pleasant to the touch, made without the use of artificial colors and additives. This makes it environmentally safe for humans and the environment.
A dermatological gel with a neutral pH of 5.5 was applied to the ESTEM sponge. It thoroughly cleanses the skin of impurities and disinfects it.
30 ml of water is enough for the appearance of saturated foam. You can clean the skin from the foam by rinsing with water, or just a towel included.
Soap marks and stickiness do not remain.

Package contents:
• foam sponge 5×5 cm, made of 100% natural fiber fabric. The hypoallergenic gel, which is applied to the sponge, is suitable for any skin type and has no age restrictions on use.
• hypoallergenic bactericidal towel, made of non-woven eco-friendly material – spunlace. It quickly absorbs moisture, foam and dirt left on the skin. The towel is strong enough, soft and pleasant to the touch.

Additional information

Gross weight 0.035 kg
Package size 18 × 13.5 × 2.5 cm